Xbox One Ad Features More Than Gaming

The first Xbox One TV Ad has been released and it ties itself directly with the NFL.  By focusing on showing how it enhanced the game watching experience it will give the average consumer what to expect with Microsoft’s new console.  It featured the fantasy football stats capability by showing a previous game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cowboys.  Alongside that ad featured Skype and the on screen score and highlights.


The timing for this ad couldn’t be better for the Seatle based company as the NFL football season is just begining and the system will be released a week before Thanksgiving for the USA.  Thus allowing the consumers to experience the systems capabilities twice within a week after launch.


Though you have to question Microsoft’s wisdom when it comes to this ad.  The Xbox One Ad isn’t showing the controller or featuring any games.  While the Kinect can be voiced activated giving the system feel the lack of a controller.  With this you have to wonder if parents who don’t know anything about the system will buy it for their children, or it will give them a completely different impression all together.


I myself felt the ad didn’t convey what the system was in spite of prior knowledge.  Being 84 days from release we all hope that more ads for the system will give better information about it.  Microsofts strategy for it is to show that it is an entertainment centerpiece, but this could end up backfiring on them.  With the various cable and satellite providers consumers are going to question what is on the system and what it can do for them as being able to skype or show fantasy stats might not be enough.

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  • Joey Willis

    I hope they have ads showing more than just football. I want a game console not a cable box.

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