Rockstar warns fans of “inevitable” GTA V leaks

There has been a few leaks over the last couple days for the highly anticipated GTA V, one of them being the leak of the World map, which has apparently come from the Brady Games strategy guide.

Rockstar has responded to these leaks with a statement, which is found on the Official Rockstar website.

“Hi all, now that we’re within a week of game release, there’s bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks”

Rockstar are making sure nothing is spoiled on their website, by deleting any comments that could be a potential spoiler. So it’s a nice little warning for any website you go on, look at the comments section at your own risk, if you don’t want the game spoiled.

Grand Theft Auto V launches for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 September 17th.


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  • Joey Willis

    I still wish they was releasing on the PC :(

    • Cody

      They probably will but it will be like GTA IV and be released later into next year.

      • Joey Willis

        I can’t wait that long. Lol

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