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Every game tries its best to be better than its predecessors, however only a select few are capable of pulling this off. I’m happy to say Pokemon X and Y are the prime example of a Pokemon game moving in a better direction. If not its unique new 3D look, than its fuller move animations from Aura Sphere of Lucario to Flame Charge from Delphox. Not only does it take the gameplay a step forward, its online is amazing.

In the past, one would have to travel to a Pokemon Center in order to trade, battle or access GTS. Well, this time around everything travels along with you so long as you have an internet connection for community play you’re good to go. A few new decisions which I thought were fantastic, was the revision of the GTS model. No longer do you have to have your screen plagued with players offering uncommon or semi-rare Pokemon for ridiculous things like a level 1 Zekrom or a level 10 Mewtwo. Now one can just filter all that away and just leave the decent and reasonable trades.




While GTS and 3D is amazing, it’s not what the game is truly about. Pokemon has always been a series of fun, strategy and introducing uniqueness each installment. X and Y are no different.

Pokemon Amie is one of them. Basically you can interact with your Pokemon and bond with them, whether it be feeding them, petting them, or playing games with them. Sounds silly right ? Well on the surface it is, however it isn’t without benefits, if you’re Pokemon’s hearts get full then, they have access to a few in battle goodies. An example being: Being able to land critical hits easily.

For all you EV Trainers a new feature called Super Training has been introduced. Not only does it allow you to EV train your Pokemon in half the time it normally takes, but it shows you the progress of the Pokemon in training, so now one no longer has to do any guesswork.

Hordes are a great new addition, with players taking on 5 Pokemon at once, sometimes encountering Shiny or Pokemon with Hidden Abilities, of course the levels a bit lower than the trainers Pokemon in order to prevent your Pokemon from being overwhelmed.



While X and Y doesn’t fail to deliver on most and almost all things, It has a few thing it fails to get right as with all great games. The potential of the story was lost along the way, it starts out making too many thing obvious at the start, with making the the leader of team flare stand out too much early in the game with subtleness. Pokemon who should have gotten Mega Evolutions were left out in favor of a popularity contest. Another issue is the framerate of the battles in 3D, it dips to 20FPS and the menu’s take a seconds lag when selecting something. So the best bet for anyone would to play mostly in 3D.


Despite all this the Game is amazing even in 2D and the moments of 3D in the Cave and Elite Four Castle are pretty well done. The Pokemon battles and Animation are astounding, no longer using copy and paste imagery, they instead use full on great and silly (sky drop), the music is hard to forget, from Team Flare Boss’s Theme, to the Champion’s remixed Hoenn Gym’s theme, to route 16/15 music.


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